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Surfboards Built for you.

Skinner Surfboards Built for You

Picking a board off the rack works sometimes, you never quite know if it is going to work for you, or what the shaper was thinking when he designed that model. Plus the big surfboard brands have gotten so expensive you practically have to take out a loan to get a new board. This is where Skinner Surfboards comes in, we offer 100% USA Made boards at prices that rival the overseas imports. Skinner Surfboards offers one on one design sit down design sessions where we will design your board together and you will be able to see it come to live in the virtual shaping room. No more guessing what that board will look like. Come check out some of the shapes, or set up an appointment and we'll design your new board right on the spot. Our base price for a new poly surfboard 6'8 and under is $499. You can add options like carbon fiber, eps epoxy, 5 fins set ups, airbrush and more. If you live in South FL Give us a call at (954) 545-7873 or if your out of the area, shoot us an email. Let's get started on that board today.

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