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Small Wave Surfboard Design by Skinner Surfboards

Growing up in Florida, we were always surfing small waves. Once I started building boards I naturally wanted to develop boards that turned the micro conditions in something fun. We were always in search of the ultimate small wave board. There are so many variables that go into making a small wave surfboard work. Outlines, concaves, tail width, rockers, volume and more all go into making a surfboard work really well in small conditions. We've developed several models over the years that help maximize what you can do in small surf. Which model will work best for you depends on many different factors. Everyone surfs different so, there is not one magic board for all surfers. This is where talking to your shaper will really help get you the best board for the conditions you regularly surf. Our goal was to make a small wave board incredibly fast, loose and snappy off the top, but still hold a rail while carving. I believe we have perfected a bottom contour, fin combination that lets you do all this. We can use this bottom contour on many different boards with different outlines and thicknesses depending on the size of the person the board is for. We've built boards for people and watched them take their small wave surfing game up a few notches. Let us know when your ready to do the same.

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