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The Animal logo by Skinner Surfboard Logo

The Animal is a ultra groveler designed to make surfing on days that you normally might not even paddle out fun. We've been watching the evolution of the softboard and how people choose to ride them in sub par conditions to have fun. They are incredibly floaty and pick up waves super easy, which we like. We wanted to take that idea and build a board that can capitalize on these ideas but add some more performance into the board.  Behold The Animal.

The Animal HP is our latest iteration of The Animal, offering enhanced performance compared to its predecessor, The Animal Small Wave Groveler. It features moderate-low nose and tail rocker, with an added tail flip behind the last fin for increased maneuverability in steep sections. The board boasts a single concave in the middle transitioning to vee between the fins and out the back, facilitating smooth and fluid rail-to-rail turns.

The Mullet Run 2.0 by Skinner Surfboards​

The Mullet Run is closer to a performance shortboard than you think.This board is designed to blend the performance of a short board with a little grovel thrown in. The double bump / wing reduces the tail width and gives a pivot point in the outline. This will help the board release if pushed real hard. The fuller nose helps the board become a wave catching machine and the single concave combined with the low rocker make the board feel like it has afterburners. 

The Flat Diamond by Skinner Surfboards.

Our new double bump / wing flat diamond tail is designed to keep the speed up through carves, while being able to go vertical in the pocket too. Order 2 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. 

The Animal HP Model by Skinner Surfboards Florida

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