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Crafted by Randy Skinner, the Vibe captures the essence of high-performance speed and fluidity found in the Rain Maker, while enhancing accessibility for a wider range of surfers and conditions. Featuring moderate entry rocker and amplified double concave, the Vibe delivers enhanced agility, effortless rail-to-rail transitions, and superior carving capabilities in critical sections. Described by our team as exceptionally swift, responsive, and fast underfoot. The Vibe's slightly fuller rails and little thicker tail block ensure effortless paddling, smooth easy takeoffs, and rapid acceleration. For those seeking the peak of cutting-edge shortboard performance in a user-friendly package, the Vibe stands as the ultimate choice.


SURF WORLD  4411 N FEDERAL HWY  FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33308  (954) 545-7873

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