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skinner surfboards tomkat fish

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Skinner TomKat Model

Being from Florida, our specialty lies in crafting surfboards tailored specifically to enhance performance in suboptimal wave conditions. With two decades of experience dedicated to perfecting fish designs, our boards are finely tuned to excel in less-than-ideal wave scenarios, such as weak and mushy waves.  By focusing on this niche, we've honed our expertise in creating boards that maximize performance when faced with challenging wave conditions. Surfers can trust that our fish designs have been meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance, even when conditions are less than perfect.

Skinner Surfboards TomKat 2024 Model
5'4 Skinner Surfboards TomKat Model

We worked with one of our local rippers on a board to make the most of the smaller days. We came up with the Tomkat a hybrid fish that is ready to rip. He rides it as a quad but can be ridden as a twin +1 as well. The design features a single concave in the middle blending into a double barrel concave that is the deepest right thru the fins, exiting the board with a slight double concave vee off the back. 

Tom Surfing the TomKat Model Fish

SURF WORLD  4411 N FEDERAL HWY  FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33308  (954) 545-7873

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