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The bullet

by skinner surfboards

Derived from Randy Skinner's original Vibe performance shortboard model, our latest creation, the Bullet, fills a crucial niche in every surfer's arsenal: the everyday shortboard. We retain the high-performance characteristics while tailoring it to tackle the typical conditions most surfers encounter regularly, a little overhead and down. These are the moments where you seek agility without the limitations of a super groveler, yet not quite the epic waves that demand a high-performance shortboard. To meet this demand, we introduced a subtle hip just above the fins to instill a curvier outline, around the tail region. Adjustments to both entry and exit rockers were made to enhance paddling efficiency and planing speeds, this will cater to a wider spectrum of conditions. A single concave beneath the front foot transitions to a deeper single concave through the fins which ensures maximum speed. A deep single concave straightens the rocker line along the stringer and increases the rocker along rail. It's almost like having 2 boards in one. Fast down the line speed and increased responsiveness while on a rail 


SURF WORLD  4411 N FEDERAL HWY  FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33308  (954) 545-7873

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