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THE RAIN MAKER by Skinner Surfboards

Introducing the Rain Maker, our high-performance shortboard model tailored for aggressive and radical surfing. Engineered with a moderate entry rocker that seamlessly transitions into a smooth single concave, flowing into a double concave between the fins with a slight vee off the tail. The smooth, flowing rockers, coupled with a subtle kick in the tail rocker, ensure exceptional responsiveness in the water.


This versatile board is easily adaptable to various wave styles, thanks to its adjustable design. Wider tails and mellow bottom contours facilitate rapid speed generation, particularly in mushy surf conditions. Typically favored by above-average surfers. The Rain Maker is available with a squash, swallow, round, and round pin tails.


Let us assist you in acquiring a board that will elevate your performance to new heights.


SURF WORLD  4411 N FEDERAL HWY  FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33308  (954) 545-7873

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