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Mullet run 2.0

New Model Mullet Run 2.0 now in the works. We've added a double bump to the tail and fine tuned the rocker to take this board to level 2.0.... 


The Mullet Run by Skinner Surfboards

The Mullet Run is a blend between a fish and a performance shortboard. Available in poly or epoxy, this board can be ridden as a tri-fin or a quad depending on the condtions. This board is desinged to get the most out of sub par conditions. The fuller nose helps the board become a wave catching machine and the single concave combined with the low rocker make the board feel like it has afterburners. We've carried the concave through the front fins leading to a light vee off the back of the tail to help you really bury the rail on hard turns.

Stock Dimensions

  • 5'4 x 19"

  • 5'6 x 19.55"

  • 5'8 x  20"

  • 5'10 x 20.75

  • 6'0 x  21.30

  • 6'2 x  21.90

Available in Poly or EPS Epoxy, 3 or 5 Futures or FCS II, Carbon Tail Vector Net and Carbon Stringer Strips on Top and Bottom. 

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