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skinner og fish

The Skinner OG Fish is design we have been working on for 20 years. It is designed to make the most of weak, mushy waves and to make knee to waist high days feel like chest to head high days. This design is mostly ridden as a twin fin but we have built some as quads too. We usually add the box for the 3rd fin, even though the front fins are set as twins. Most people use a small keel in the 3rd box for a little more grip when the waves get some juice.  The bottom contour features a single concave thru the middle of the board which blends in to a double concave vee thru the fin area. The Vee is Key, keeping vee in tail will make this fish be able to hold a rail through turns and make your cutbacks smooth and flowing. We can adjust various aspects of this board to suit your style of surfing and really help you dial in your small wave game. We recommend this board in epoxy construction to keep it nice light and responsive. 

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