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Base Price of boards under 6'8 poly is $499. This includes design session, standard or lite "team" glassing, 3 Futures or FCS II fin plugs.

Extra fin plugs, carbon tail patches, carbon stringer tape, airbursh, pigment, gloss and polish are extras and are listed in our option section. 

The Rain Maker EPS Swallow 5'9.5 x 20 x 2 3/8" 30.03 Liters

SKU: 59-5epswallow
  • Skinner Surfboards Swallow Tail EPS Epoxy Rain Maker Flip Tip 

    Full Grey Airbrush Top and Bottom

    Made in the USA

    5'9.5" x 20" x 2 3/8"  

    3 futures Fin Boxes let you ride it as a tri fin 

    30.03 liters with a single concave to double concave vee in the tail. 

    Carbon tail reinforcing patches.  

    Small Wave Performance Surfboard with a little extra width for small to medium waves 1 - 5 foot. 

    Designed in Pompano Beach Florida 100% USA Made

    • Vector Net Tail Patch $15.00
    • Carbon Strip Top $12.50
    • Carbon Strip Bottom $12.50
    • 5 FCS II plugs $15.00
    • 5 Futures Boxes $15.00
    • EPS Epoxy Construction $40.00
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