SKINNER 9'2" X 23.15 X 3" Round Squash Longboard EPS Epoxy Clear

72.09 liters with a concave in the nose, light rolled vee in middle to a slight double concave vee in the tail 

A blend of a noserider with some performance thrown in.  

Designed and made in Florida. 100% USA Made

SKINNER 9'2 X 23.15 X 3" Epoxy Longboard 72.09 Liters

  • The Performance Noserider EPS Epoxy with Airbrush and spray finish

    Made in the USA

    9'0 x 22.75" x 2 7/8"  

    70.70 liters with a concave in the nose, slight concave in middle to a double concave vee in the tail 

    High performance noserider longboard light weight for noseriding and ripping 

    Designed in Pompano Beach Florida 100% USA Made

    • Vector Net Tail Patch $15.00
    • Carbon Strip Top $12.50
    • Carbon Strip Bottom $12.50
    • 5 FCS II plugs $15.00
    • 5 Futures Boxes $15.00
    • EPS Epoxy Construction $40.00

 for all  your surfing needs

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