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Base Price of boards under 6'8 poly is $499. This includes design session, standard or lite "team" glassing, 3 Futures or FCS II fin plugs.

Extra fin plugs, carbon tail patches, carbon stringer tape, airbursh, pigment, gloss and polish are extras and are listed in our option section. 


Loose Cannon Swallow Tail 5'6" X 21" X 2 5/8" 32.78 LITERS Twin Fin +

SKU: llse56twn
  • 5'6 X 21" X 2 5/8" 32.78 LITERS TWIN FIN +

    The Loose Cannon is a very versatile fish shape has performed well under multiple fin configurations. It works incredible as a twin fin as shown and with a 5 fin set up as well. We always include the mini trailer on the twins to add versatility to the board. The loose cannon is Fast and Loose, it's ready to blow up and make surfing weak waves fun again. It's meant to be ridden 4 - 6 inches shorter than your shortboard. We've built them with swallows, rounds and squash tails. A few team guys are loving the single wing round tail Twin Fin configuration.


    Available in Poly or EPS Epoxy, 3 or 5 Futures or FCS II, Carbon Tail Vector Net and Carbon Stringer Strips on Top and Bottom. 

    • Vector Net Tail Patch $15.00
    • Carbon Strip Top $12.50
    • Carbon Strip Bottom $12.50
    • 5 FCS II plugs $15.00
    • 5 Futures Boxes $15.00
    • EPS Epoxy Construction $40.00
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