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Skinner Surfboards the Bullet Model built in Florida
The TomKat Fish by Skinner Surfboards
The Animal by Skinner Surfboards Florida.
Skinner Mid-Length Surfboards


Skinner Surfboards curved top

Performance Series 

High Performance Surfboards by Skinner Surfboards
The bullet Logo by Skinner Surfboards

Fish Series

The Animal Series

TomKat Logo Skinner Surfboards
5'4 Skinner Surfboards Fish TomKat Model
Blue Checkers The Animal Model
Rocket Pig Logo of the Animal Surfboard



Skinner Surfboards longboard Logo
Skinner twin pin surfboard with resin tint
Longboard Surfboard by Skinner Surfboards

Skinner Surfboards are 100% made in the USA. We have been building boards for nearly 25 years. Custom boards start at $599, for a clear poly shortboard. When you order a board, we'll design your board together and you will see your board from every angle in the virtual shaping room, before you place the order. No more surprises when your board arrives, you know exactly what you are getting. Killer boards for great prices, Longboards, Fishes, Shortboards and even custom SUP's. We use top quality materials in every board we make. We build Polyester and Epoxy boards in every shape and size. The team of board builders we work with are true craftsman. Come by Surf World and check them out or ORDER a CUSTOM ONE today

I love my Skinner Surfboard fish
You will be blown away by our Virtual Shaping Room Experience.  If your in town, come by sit down and lets get started. 
Skinner Surfboards Glitter glassed surfboard

When a customer came to us with his custom order he knew exactly what he wanted, 6'7 diamond tail twin fin, with pigment inlays, glitter glassed in the deck, resin pinlines and a gloss and polished finish. 

The Animal & the animal HP 

The Animal Logo from Skinner Surfboards
Skinner Surfboards Animal HP model
Animal HP

SURF WORLD  4411 N FEDERAL HWY  FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33308  (954) 545-7873


Skinner Board company started when Randy Skinner started shaping boards in his parents garage in 1992. We went through several names over the years, including Psycho, Stellar and finally Skinner. Skinner Board Co. combines Randy's talents of computer design and hands on craftsmanship to produce a range of watercraft from Old School twin fins, high performance shortboards, to the latest surfing SUPs.  we've built a lot of boards.  Check out Skinner Board Co's South Florida Headquarters at Surf World Fort Lauderdale. 

We are now offering a complementary design session with every custom board. Book your session and we will design your board right on the spot. 

Let's Build Your Board Today
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